Jim 'Jimmy' Wylie


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big strong centre half...some would say he was a dirty player,but was really just an old styled centre half...great carpet fitter

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Posted by fiona wylie
Friday 30th of November 2012 18:23:52
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Posted by good old cecil
Thursday 29th of November 2012 22:17:32
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Posted by The Money Lender
Wednesday 28th of November 2012 20:24:47
" My Mum breast fed me until I was six or seven. The doctor says that's why I'm so strong "
Posted by stanley grimshaw
Tuesday 27th of November 2012 20:18:18
Jim missed a cup final...because he had tickets to see neil sedaka
Posted by Porky Pie
Monday 26th of November 2012 20:58:46
Jim’s favourite quote: “ Ok lads if we can't beat them, we can at least ruin their pitch".
Posted by sandy bottomsworth
Wednesday 21st of November 2012 12:45:10
Long time ago i played in the same team as jim..he was a couple of years older than me ... He was a smashing lad..great player and a born leader....the big man loved his football...but he also had a passion for hunting..anything he shot he would take the skin off the dead animal..clean it and dry it out in a heat hut he had in his back garden.......sooooooooo...one day jims OTHER passion was leaked to his team mates ..poor jim was slaughtered almost teased to death.....well well let me tell you jealous teasers....i was reading a magazine which was all about new up and coming companies...there on page 7 was the bold jim ..flaunting his wares....hes on the brink of sealing a deal with adidas..who are very interested in selling his football boot made from squirrel skin YES...squirrel skin....all those hunting days are on the verge of making him a very rich man ....whose laughing now....ADIDAS squirrel should be in the shops for crimbo....happy days for a rather nice fellow
Posted by Awe Naw
Thursday 15th of November 2012 20:25:59
At the start of the season as a team building exercise every player was asked to fill in a questionnaire. Here is a sampe of some of Jim’s feedback. Question: 1- What is your favourite film ? Answer – that’s easy – the Shawshank Redemption. Question 2. What is you Favourite TV programme. Answer – only Fools and Horses. Question 3. Who would you most like to be trapped in lift with ? that is easy – Abi Titmuss. Question 4. What is your ambition in football ? Answer - to play for my country. Question 5. How do you deal with criticism and your mates in the pub who laught at your team ? Answer = Don’t buy a round of drinks.. Question 6. What is your favourite position ? – Answer – Play maker so cental midfield is where I want to play. 7. Favourite pre match meal ? Answer – A Greggs pie. 8. Burger King or Macdonald’s ? – Answer - that is easy a Big Mac every time. 9. What music to play on your ghetto blaster before a game to get you pumped up ? – Answer – the Rocky theme. 10. What do you prefer - Sexy football or the headless chicken style of play ? Answer – 100 %commitment every time. No sand dancers. 11. You are going to a Fancy Dress party – what do you dress up as ? - Answer – Chick Young. 12. What was your greatest tackle ? – Answer – I was particulary proud of a slide tackle on Tam Bennet in the players Lounge at the Vogue. I prevented Tam from buying a round – it wisnae his shout. 13. Any advice for young players on how to gain an advantage going into a game. ? - Answer – Eat well, you need the right fuel in the tank. Also shave your legs a few times a season. It reduces the wind drag and makes you faster. 14. What is your favourite football pitch ? Answer- the big park at Fernhill. I never played a bad game on the red ash. 15. In training did you do any tricks with the ball ? Answer. I never played a bad game in the training five a sides. I was particularly good at doing the Johan Cruyff turn. 16. What is the most important piece of equipment for a footballer ? Answer : Most folk think it is a good pair of boots. My opinion is that you need a good jock strap. 17. When your team gets beat, does it affect you long after the game ? Answer. It can ruin your weekend especially if you have been beaten by a diddy team. I experience Road Rage and have been known to shout at pensioners who do not indicate on the main road. 18. Any bad habits ? Answer. I get bored easy. I also pick my scabs if I have a grass, gravel or carpet burns. 19. Any superstitions or things you do before a game ? Answer. I like to do do a few cartwheels before a game to loosen up. 20. Tell us something about you that most people do not know. Answer. I enjoy watching Star Trek and did an online course to learn to speak Klingon.
Posted by john le meseuir
Wednesday 14th of November 2012 23:00:39
Comment awaiting approval.
Posted by cecil miller
Monday 12th of November 2012 07:15:00
In the early 90ssss..jim purchased a suede suit...this sort of suit was also known as a dandruff collector..this was just 1 of the many fashion mistakes jim made during this period
Posted by cecil miller
Thursday 08th of November 2012 21:37:34
was down the main street on tuesday..seen jim head towards me , he was wearing a grey tanktop a pair of crop shorts and a pair of dunlop flash,as he stopped for a chat,i couldnt help but notice the strong smell of MALIBU from his breath....obviously not in the correct frame of mind....he told me he was addicted to REVELS ( chocolate sweets from the 70sss ) i asked him what he was doing about his problem...he never even started to answer me , instead he broke into song and sang from start to finish midge ures VIENNA ....he then skipped off down the main street......im gutted... he was a cracking guy ...its a shame
Posted by cecil miller
Tuesday 06th of November 2012 06:52:00
seen jim getting on the 46 bus bound for castlemilk,wearing a glen check suit and an arthur black waistcoat...and a pair of spats...the poor lad cant leave the past behind...very sad///
Posted by cecil miller
Monday 05th of November 2012 07:09:30
i was in chapmans on saturday night and jim got up and sang...A FOOL SUCH AS I..a song made famous by hank snow,,,i felt jim was singing it from the heart...after the song he went back to the bar and sat by himself,,sipping a lime shandy.....and eating a packet of nobbies nuts
Posted by cecil miller
Friday 02nd of November 2012 20:34:45
was down the main street today..seen jim come out of the cross cafe wearing a duffle coat and eating an oyster
Posted by 1980s mix
Tuesday 30th of October 2012 21:08:05
Just came back from Jims outdoor swimming pool. Don't get too excited it's basically a big puddle in his back garden with Jim perched on a bar stool dressed in a mankini and water wings blowing a whistle and from time to time shouting " Watch out for the floaters " To think this man was likened to a mix of B A Robertson and Tenpole Tudor during the 80s. ...................... It breaks my heart to see !!!!!!!
Posted by cecil miller
Tuesday 30th of October 2012 07:31:34
I was down the burgh at the weekend..and met up with some of my old footy mates..the hot topic of the night was how the bold jim has opened up an out door swimming pool in carmyle....is this true..???
Posted by wee trevor
Friday 19th of October 2012 20:01:09
I remember back in the 80sss jim was a pretty high profile local footballer...you would always see him in the burgh driving his top of the range BMW...its funny how time changes everything...i seen him yesterday driving a TWINGO
Posted by Robeson
Thursday 11th of October 2012 22:52:21
Hi my names Robeson threatilson...I played with jim many years ago..I'm not gonna beat about the bush...jim wylie saved my life."it happened during a local derby between dalmarnock afc and dalmarnock ladies FC...my good self was playing full back and due to our overwhelming superiority I was having an easy shift...as the 68th minute approached I decided to have a snack..I always carried a chocolate bar onto the field of play...on this particular day I had a toffee crisp down my sock....as I said we were well on top ..so out came the snack..as I started to chomp away at the chocky bar my windpipe suddenly became blocked.. I tried to call for help ...my life was passing in front of my eyes ....the rest of this story was told to me by our centre half that day Bryce deacon ( who now earns a living as a cliff Richard impersonator ).." jim wylie was in the middle of a 60 yard lung busting run towards goal..he went past 3 defenders..but....suddenly stopped and started running towards his own goal with the ball glued to his feet..as he approached 30 yards from goal he unleashed a 30yard rocket ...the ball hit his stricken team mate on the stomach... Unblocking the windpipe "the rest is history...I'd like to take this moment to say thanks to the big man.i hope life's been good to him...as for me I never played again but I learned to play the guitar and sing songs for money..I played an open air concert in Uganda and it sold out...hopefully this is the start of something big and if jim ever reads this I hope he looks me up...Big man thanks from the bottom of my heart..if you ever need anything give me a call on...0766554333222888..ward 7 carstairs...bye for now
Posted by 1940s Oldman
Saturday 06th of October 2012 20:15:29
Not a lot of people know this but Jims last house was made from T Bags .The family had to move because it wasn't there cup of tea !!!
Posted by red red robin
Sunday 30th of September 2012 21:52:37
my most outstanding memory of jim is....he once ate 17 packets of munchies ..( u know the long red packet )////,,.before a cup tie,,,he played a blinder..but after the game he was admitted to hospital to get his stomach pumped..due to a munchie overdose
Posted by wee rabbit
Wednesday 05th of September 2012 20:56:11
jim is currently studying to speak chinese.......
Posted by 1990s rainman
Tuesday 28th of August 2012 18:00:02
Thought the Big Man had been very quite these past few months until i switched on STV today and saw him hosting ' Dont Blow The Inheritance '
Posted by ricky richardson
Tuesday 26th of June 2012 06:43:17
jim is now a shadow of himself....is now addicted to cherry bakewell tarts...so sad
Posted by bill y oming
Thursday 10th of May 2012 09:56:53
jim was the first footballer to wear adidas winklepicker
Posted by rory mackintosh
Wednesday 09th of May 2012 22:57:37
jim always played the fool...but behind closed doors he was a mathamatical genius........and thats a fact
Posted by harry harpington cumbria
Saturday 05th of May 2012 12:53:35
While on holiday in the seaside resort of huddersfield...jim was mistaken for the free scoring centre forward of the local side..whos name escapes me @ the moment...jim had to hide in the local bakers for 3hours ....the bakers was called toddy tadworths tea time treats.....
Posted by trevor siskatchuwan
Saturday 05th of May 2012 12:34:21
Jim was captain of sliemma wanderers youths in 1974
Posted by sonnington harrison
Saturday 05th of May 2012 08:53:00
Jim had a trial with ujpest doza
Posted by ernie bobbington
Sunday 29th of April 2012 09:59:25
on wesleys comment...yes sad to hear that,,i met him in the bookies a few months ago....he had gravy dripping from his chin..sad...i had a quiet word of encouragement in his ear..as i was leaving he told me he had split from the wife and was now sharing a flat in kirkwood street with koo stark...is this true??? great player in his day
Posted by wesley mcConnachie
Friday 27th of April 2012 10:04:29
jim is now a sad shadow of himself,and is currently in rehab recovering from an addiction to FRAY BENTOS pies.....
Posted by 1970s Birdman
Monday 16th of April 2012 15:49:38
I almost split my Simon Le Bon boxer shorts laughing at the last post ---- The big man always had a soft spot for the burds
Posted by shane ritchie (eastenders)
Sunday 15th of April 2012 00:12:41
great to see the big man on this site,,played with him in the seventies... i think it may have been season 72/73...... for some reason as the season rolled the big man decided to grow a beard,,my only thinking on this was to make himself look more aggressive looking to the leagues centre forwards....as the season rolled on the beard got longer...as autumn approached we sat top of the league with jim being the star man...he stopped goals he scored goals he was in the form of his life..there was rumours that yeovil town were on the prowl...with six games left we were on our way to the title...suddenly..for some reason the big man lost his form,not only his form he seemed to retreat into his shell the brave headers last gasp tackles disappeared...six games later ...league lost ,,we finished third,,as wee sat in the dressing room after the final game the fingers started pointing and tempers flared..suddenly jim shouts at the top of his voice ...I TAKE THE BLAME its all my fault,as silence fell over the dressing room jim repeated the I TAKE THE BLAME in a soft trembling voice..as everyone settled and sat down to let him explain...(in jims own words) "im so sorry i know my game left me for the last 6 games...my game is nothing without aggression...and sadly that part of my game left me..but it had to " as he fell silent he raised his hands to his now 11 inch zz top style beard..splitting the beard with both hands he went on to reveal a small birds nest with 3 young finches in it waiting for the mother to return with food..the dressing room fell silent..we began to understand and accept how jims form had faded..jim was more concerned about the welfare of the birds than his own personal gains..to a man the full squad stood to a man and applauded jim....the last i heard the young finches grew up to be a credit to their mother and jim.. infact the whole team..this is a true story and every time i tell it the tears just roll..well done jim were ever you are...now could you imagine john terry doing that ??? no chance
Posted by len flatulance
Wednesday 04th of April 2012 22:47:07
Him was once ordered from the field of play for eating GOLDEN CUP during a minutes silence
Posted by 1940s thin man
Sunday 01st of April 2012 20:09:01
Not well known that in the late 70s Jim stood in for Hen Broon in an episode of the Broons in The Sunday Post.......Big Hen had caught burd flue at a pidgeon convention......Jim turned up at the steamie .... steaming after drinking 2 cans of Sweetheart Stout,...... He was looking for Daphnes pal Big Fiona cos he fancied her. The big man tried a few moves on Big Fiona but she was not having it and ended up setting aboot him with a washboard and scrubbing brush.The big man was in a helluva state and was eventually huckled away by Sergeant Murdoch .............. the episode never went to press cos it was too violent and so the big mans chance of stardom came and went ,,,,,,,,,,,,
Posted by kenneth trimofffski....
Tuesday 27th of March 2012 23:42:08
once played in a cup final with jim in jersey,,cant remember who we played but we did come out winners,during the medal giving jim was at the back of the Q ,,,the mayor of the town was handing out the medals....as he got to jim he realised hed run short of medals...but trying not to dissapoint young jim..he cooly put his hand in his pocket and took out a fully intact BAR6..and handed it to young jim...this was met by a soft ripple of applause by jims watching family...which was made up of ..fiona vhari...lorne david,,,his neighbours gerry nn susan..his niece joann,,his friends peter nn paul..big alitair ,,his proud mother ann..his neighbour dom..and a celtic scout..
Posted by francis pinklebottom the 4th
Sunday 25th of March 2012 21:26:58
long long time ago myself and jim ,,,whom i consider a trustworthy friend,were walking back from the town centre after a night out ,as we passed shawfield stadium we came across a small eaterie in the shape and form of a burger van,as we ordered some food a small car pulled up and out stepped 4 chaps ,,,whom at first glance looked not from the area as there tans would most definetly confirm,,,,i said to jim check that lot out,,,after a good glance and a bit of a chin wag with the 4 strangers jim came to the conclusion they were well to do celebrities....after a bit of thought and soul searching...you must realise the internet was not on the go at the time ,our only source of information was the jackie..shoot and john cravens news round....but name those celebs we did...now i know this is a football site ,,,but i feel i have to tell this story...here was me havna a burger with one of rutherglens GREATEST centre halfs AND....YES the stylistics....betcha by golly WO
Posted by norris tomkinson
Saturday 24th of March 2012 10:46:24
Jim was once questioned by the police b 4 a dalmarnock game...concerning the dissapearance of his neighbours audi quatro.....jim scored the winning goal that day..he later dedicated the victory to the missing car
Posted by Lord Looking
Wednesday 14th of March 2012 20:33:12
No stranger to a Greggs steak bake: Once worked as a Ventriliquist at Butlins.(season 84-85 was his best performances). No a bad fitba player either. I think he might have captained the Butlins Red Coats team.
Posted by Malky Fraser
Wednesday 29th of February 2012 20:46:36
Gentleman Jim, but you could not knock him down with a stick of gelegnite. Good player, but shooting was not his strongest point: once hit a flying saucer over the Fernhill parks from a free kick. Bit of a swat at school and enjoyed the 4 Rs – reading, riting, rock and roll, and reading the Record. Used to nick out at lunch time and into the local for a shandy – put a duffle coat over his nice bright school blazer. Was also fond of that great social evil at the weekend – a few quid on the pools. First male manneqin model from Rutherglen. Took pelters one day for wearing an imitation racoon skin hat made famous by Davy Crockett. Learned to speak Souix and became an adopted member of the Souix tribe. He was the Chief of the team on the football park. Needs more votes to get in the team. Keep Voting now !
Posted by Web team
Saturday 25th of February 2012 22:07:13
Dear Mrs Wylie: thank you for a magnificent post. Your writing style is unique and very entertaining to readers on the WWW. Are you a journalist or a full time writer ?- I suspect with your imagination you could be Rutherglen's answer to JK Rowling. Unfortunatly we cannot agree with free votes - Rutherglen is a democracy. One man one vote. We wish you good luck and Keep Smiling. You never know who is reading this site : maybe a producer from Hollywood will be in touch with you when you least expect it..
Posted by fiona wylie(jims wife)
Saturday 25th of February 2012 14:31:59
i met jim down on the main street a few weeks ago and was shocked by his state of mind and appearance,,apart from asking me 4 money...he had a strong smell of baileys hazelnut flavour off his breath....and if that was not sad enough he was wearing a silver white shell suit...and a pair of winkle picker shoes...so its with a heavy heart i make this appeal..is it not time this fantastic football site shows a bit of pity for some of the guys who may have slid off the track a little...i see jim has 74 votes ,,would it be an idea to maybe give jim some free votes..maybe have him in the team 4 a week or so...i really think this would lift his spirits..i know this is a strange request..buts its a request from the heart..this is not another funny story..its a request to help restore a living legend whos given half his life to the carpet industry....in the admin we trust
Posted by adam virgo
Sunday 19th of February 2012 23:18:04
13 1/2 years ago i met jim in langwathby yorkshire,,,jim was the son of a master baker called willie wylie,,whom was married to jims mum wilma..jim also has a sister called wendy a brother called wilbert,,,and a step brother called..gianfranco....jims dad still bakes in the village hes 100yrs old..his mums 110,,,,jim was in the village pub one night ,,and every stranger that came in jim told them he was adam virgos cousin....this is a strange story but a true 1..
Posted by Georgy Porgie
Sunday 19th of February 2012 10:28:02
If you go to Youtube.com and search on " Dimitri finds out " this is the way the Big Man used to celebrate good news. ( Lots of different videos, but the Maths Test or Virginity are the best.) Classic stuff
Posted by hilary fissinsopp
Sunday 19th of February 2012 01:20:40
Jim should hav went a lot further in the game....i know he went 2 oban..but he should hav went a lot further
Posted by clueso
Saturday 18th of February 2012 14:17:41
word on the street thinks its Dixie writing the funnies
Posted by Peter Kaye
Saturday 18th of February 2012 14:00:54
HA HA HA HE HE HE - Who is writing this stuff?
Posted by 1950s Bin Man
Saturday 18th of February 2012 13:00:38
Quick update on the rest of the Big mans employment history -- He worked for a short spell as a Magicians apprentice ......Then moved on to a factory that made balloons,but he lost his job when the company went bust !!!!!..........From there he moved on to work at a Kettle makers but left stating "it wasn't his cup of tea ".... He then got a sought after job working for Tefal making blenders but was distraught when the company went into liquidation !!!!!!!...... Last i heard he had worked in the Askit powder factory but had to leave as it was doing his head in !!!!!!! ........ to be continued !!!
Posted by Mrs Dixie doo watcher
Friday 17th of February 2012 13:11:30
Dear Jim as a thank you for fitting my carpets I have hand made u a lovely 1950's style cap fashioned from doo feathers mixed with doo droppings for colour and firmness. I would also like to thank Dixie for sitting so still while being a head mould for said hat, although he did say the droppings may have hair growing properties as his baldness is definitely less noticeable now xx
Posted by 1950s Bin Man
Thursday 16th of February 2012 22:33:35
Big Jim had a multitude of jobs before becoming the legendary carpet fitter that has brought him international notoriety......His first job was as a lift attendant in a bungalow near Rutherglen, his daily routine comprised of Jim standing in a cupboard for 7 hours per day talking to a mop and ironing board.He eventually got fed up with this and left after 2 years....... He then got a job as a Clairvoyant but left as he could not see any future in it !!!!!...... His next employment was with the Invisible Police but he had to leave as the criminals could see right through him.!!!!!....After this he applied to be a weatherman, but unfortunately he wasn't up to it and left under a cloud !!!!!!!!!
Posted by manny
Saturday 11th of February 2012 14:48:27
My name is manwell sisisinnnvermineto..i live in murcia..i own a karaoke bar..jim travels one time a year..he is champion man and a nice singer..jim sometime sit in bar and tell football stories..he is liked man and spain love him and his family....his wife can drink a pint of san miguel in 3seconds......happy days
Posted by anonymous
Saturday 04th of February 2012 09:59:06
Jim was spotted on the dmain street recently wearing a trench coat with the belt tied @the front..singing were did all my yesterdays go...
Posted by robin twinkletoes
Friday 27th of January 2012 11:17:13
jim was off his work for 6 weeks after receiving chinese burns at a drunken party
Posted by Les crowther jnr
Tuesday 10th of January 2012 00:00:13
Jim is a great friend of nobody...nnn thats s fact
Posted by Pencil Case !!!!
Saturday 07th of January 2012 20:49:31
Walking up the hill towards Fernhill one summer in the 70s, A young skinny lad approaches and says.'You ok mister,do you mind if I walk you up the hill.I reply no problem young man what is your name.......Jim Wylie he replies with a glint in his eye. He then proceeds to foretell a miriad of stories and little gems of daftness......'Do you know he says that Budgie is French for cheese"........Didn't know that i replied , He then tells me that there is no point in a pencil and that Boab Thomson is Albanian for Sideburns ( well it was the 70s ) and on he went until just by St Marks church I curled up in a ball and rolled all the way back down the hill.........only stopped when I hit the traffic light pole "...........looked up to see the bold Jim talking to a Bus Stop . As his long offering wife Fiona always says.....'you can take Jim out of the daftness .........but you canna take take the stupidity of of our Jim . Love the big man .Possibly the best carpet fitter of his generation. !!!!!!!!!
Posted by hh
Sunday 25th of December 2011 09:21:18
from a great distance jim looks like hen broon
Posted by BD
Sunday 13th of November 2011 00:32:05
Jim Wyllie,the only trumpet playing centre half with two right feet !!!!!!!!!!
Posted by zander diamond
Wednesday 09th of November 2011 23:34:44
jim s a great guy and was a great player,,these days its 4.99 a square metre on the carpet front
Posted by Junior Pringleton
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 00:24:04
Seen a pidgeon on Ruggie main street last week -- with Dixie on its head !!!! most bizarre
Posted by Cliff
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 00:18:08
Jim i've remembered what i forgot to tell you -- catch you in Panama Jacks next Saturday !!!!!
Posted by Susy HK
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 19:26:34
Hello, My name is Susy. I live in Hong Kong. I love football from the UK and watch games most weekends on a Saturday or Sunday night. My favourite team is Man U. I love to wear their bright red jersey most weekends. I came across this website when surfing the internet. I seen your photograph and read your profile. You appear to have been a good footballer and I would like if you can help me understand more about football in the United Kingdom. (a). I collect auto graphs from players around the world: can you send me your signature please ? . (b) Can you explain the offside rule to me ? . c) Why do footballers seem to be so angry ? I am going down my local bar tomorrow night to watch a game: if you are in town please let me know and I would love to talk to you about football. Susy.
Posted by The tort
Thursday 20th of October 2011 23:38:22
Jim went on to have a great career as a janitor , think he captain rutherglens janitors select team ! " a real leader of janitors "
Posted by the hitman
Thursday 20th of October 2011 20:11:44
jims my friend,,and hes really upset at these stories....hes a nice guy....and hes having a hard time at the moment,,,his friends got chronic wind..
Posted by anonymous
Thursday 20th of October 2011 18:17:50
Posted by Paul
Thursday 20th of October 2011 11:28:39
Another story that sticks in my mind about big John Cleese,was the night we played down at Dalmuir,the ref was having a shocker in a game we only needed a draw to be promoted.We have went down to Ten men after only Six minutes.Got to half time leading 1-0 when in the Second half the ref sends off another of our players early doors,despite being down to Nine men the big yin was brilliant and the defence was eventually breached in the 89th min to make it 1-1 which would still have took us up.Then in the Fifth min of added time the ref awarded a pen to Clydebank which was duly despatched and soon blew the whistle for the end of the game,which prompted a Wylie brainstorm which seen him jump up and down in a sand pit then run up to the dressing room stood behind the door with the intention of jumping out on the ref and sticking one on him.His plan came unstuck as the ref approached the dressing room and stopped,thats when big Jim realised he was standing behind a glass door and everyone could see him.
Posted by vhari
Wednesday 19th of October 2011 18:44:04
what can i say he'S my brother in law. life is tough at the bottom
Posted by les
Tuesday 18th of October 2011 21:44:42
this guy was a complete clown,,,played in a semi final with dalmarnock..one sunny saturday afternoon,,since it was a semi the league provided linesmen as well as a referee..im sure all would agree ,this adds to the occasion,,dalmarnock versus cumbernauld,,,tough game,,10 mins into 2nd half,,the cumbernauld centre forward was starting to give the ageing dalmarnock defence some problems,,,big daftie,has a look to see were the ref is,,makes sure the refs looking the other way...he then turns to the cumbernauld danger man,,and sticks one right on his chin...yes youve guessed it,,linesmans flag goes up straight away,,daftie gets a red card ,,and cumbernauld win 1-0...JOHN LESLIE had forgot about the linesman...if there was a vote for the daftest team in rutherglen,,he would be the captain......
Posted by chick young
Tuesday 18th of October 2011 14:28:54
Awe him! That wylie.
Posted by Edson arantes do nascimento
Tuesday 18th of October 2011 10:42:27
Jim was a gd player to play beside , he made anyone look gd ! Strengths ? (passing not great ) tackling ? ( very average ) heading (timing we'll out ) positioning ( totally lost ) tactics ( da ) think he was kept back at school . Not gd with his right foot , worst with his left ! Sadly career cut short to soon , due to being not very gd . Jim was always the managers first pick for the bench . When he finally hung up his no12 strip , he was sadly missed by every team he had ever played against !
Posted by Smokie
Monday 17th of October 2011 20:58:53
Wylie Wylie who .... Is Wylie
Posted by chick young
Monday 17th of October 2011 19:31:32
Who is jim wylie?
Posted by Sir jock stein
Sunday 16th of October 2011 20:00:59
Must get in anyone's 11 , jim played with loads guys on the list , sure they would want him In team , dressing room genius and giant on the park !
Posted by Rutherglen wag
Sunday 16th of October 2011 16:31:47
Quote from Jim: Hogmanay 2010: " Football is one of the world's best means of communication. It is impartial, apolitical and Universal. For many of us it is quite simply the greatest game on Earth. Football unites people around the world every day, young or old, players or fans, rich or poor. The gemme makes everyone equal, stirs the imagination, makes them feel happy and can make them feed sad ".
Posted by Donald Finlay
Saturday 15th of October 2011 22:43:37
Jim had a trial at parkhead , found not guilty !
Posted by Paul
Saturday 15th of October 2011 10:38:21
This man cut many of his own players playing careers short with his team night-outs,been to Spain and back quicker.Best one liner he had was "thank you Glasgow,you've been wonderful".Great guy James Hunt of a player.
Posted by Tottie
Friday 14th of October 2011 22:59:05
Slim , tall , handsome , 2educated feet , a heed like a rock , the vision of Nostradamus , sadly he had none of these ! But gd guy and great pal
Posted by Bully Wee
Friday 14th of October 2011 13:04:42
Did he take many head knocks ? Someone told me he had more blood splattered head bandages than Rab C Nisbett? Sign of a good centre half was a few scars on the napper.
Posted by anonymous
Friday 14th of October 2011 00:21:38
A k a slinkybob scored mere ain goals than any ruggy boy ever !
Posted by Dixie
Thursday 13th of October 2011 15:58:00
Big Jim played in the Portugese 2nd division for a while. The only centre half i've met who would sing to you as he volleyed you into the crowd,then he would pick you up and tell you a joke !!!!! When his mind was on it the big man was superb!!!
Posted by Leroy Brown
Wednesday 12th of October 2011 22:44:46
Big Wylie once played against Spurs when he played for Jersey, I have seen the photos, more than once. Big Wylie can often be encouraged to sing at a night out if you ask him.
Posted by ethel posselthwaite
Wednesday 12th of October 2011 20:01:10
jersey island,st andrews,fernhill villa and last but not least dalmarnock,,,only guy in the history of lads football to deck 10 st pats players with above the knee tackles,break his own nose,get sent off and carried off within 8minutes of a scottish cup tie,,big jim for the team
Posted by Rab
Wednesday 12th of October 2011 18:38:27
Can someone out there tell us who JJ Wylie played for ?