Rab Thomson


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Came from Fernhill, played with The Villa, Eastfield & Dalmarnock. 

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Posted by eggbert nosh
Monday 05th of November 2012 23:15:21
Seen bob walking down ruggie main st last week with a duffle coat on back to front with the hood up,I could've wept
Posted by Winston eccles cake
Monday 05th of November 2012 00:21:21
Met bob on ruggie main st last week.he asked if I noticed anything different about him, I said" you still look exactly the same, whats different about you?" He said" I,m wearing a gasmask"!!!!.I felt terrible,I really did.
Posted by east clintwood
Saturday 03rd of November 2012 11:12:24
Bob once appeared on a tv reality show called, whose plank is it anyway,where ten young hopefuls compete for the prize of a nights camping in Pontefract and a plank of wood. Bob was disqualified after soiling the studio floor
Posted by BillnBen
Saturday 06th of October 2012 20:24:33
Robert was seen last Tuesday morning running down Fernhill road being chased by a gang of angry gardeners - he reckons they had lost the plot !!!!!
Posted by 1970s Flower Pot Man
Wednesday 29th of August 2012 16:43:10
Heard Robert auditioned for Rutherglens got the X factor this year but came fourth behind a three legged dog playing a banjo, a Shifty McLaughlin impersonator and a Sheep!!!!
Posted by 1960s Wideman
Wednesday 09th of May 2012 19:24:24
Seen Robert busking in Ruggie main street last weekend.He went through his entire Leo Sayer and Arthur Askey songbook.It all got a bit chaotic when his mouth organ got lost amongst his sideburns and he ended up playing a Toblerone !!!!!!!!!
Posted by alfie spanners
Sunday 06th of May 2012 02:27:51
Bob appeared in opportunity knocks in 1974 ,juggling empty Fray Bentos tins,he came third.
Posted by 1950s stunt man
Sunday 01st of April 2012 20:59:05
One of Roberts many wigs is on display at Rutherglen Town Halls 80s memorabilia exhibition......Also include are Jim Wylies pink new romantic Raincoat......Terrs Simon Le Bon underpants.........Davie Lloyds hair straighteners.......Paul McColls old nose.........A photograph of Martin Grants mullet hairstyle.........Three of Danny Houstons fingers.........Tam Bennetts Savoy season ticket ..........Rab Kellys Mexican moustache...........One of Terry Frews team talks..........Graeme Gallaghers first Tan..........Bob Frews joke book........One of Dick Mclaughlins tackles (not for kids)...........A photograph of Paul Harvey at the bar..........Eddie McCallums first Ironing Board............a photo of John Bennett sporting moustache AND hair............and 3 of Danny Carrs 2331 yellow cards.........This exhibition is on for one day only ..........today!!!!!!!
Posted by bert pliers
Tuesday 27th of March 2012 15:06:08
Rab was once detained at Medellin Airport in Columbia on suspicion of running a crisp cartel,smuggling prawn cocktail flavour Skips into neighbouring Bolivia.Only intervention by Bolivia president Hector Frisps saved his skin. It is suspected he may have been bribed with a box of salt and vinegar Discos.
Posted by alfie spanners
Tuesday 27th of March 2012 10:16:05
Rab was born Roberto Vasquez GonsaleRamirez in The projects of South L.A. He soon became involved in the gang wars between the notorious Bloods and the Crisps.Bob became known as El Nino del Salto de Vinegaro (the little bag of salt and vinegar).He was soon earning a lucrative living smuggling quavers across the border into Mexico. He became unstuck in 79 when a routine stop by the Crisp Control Agency found him carrying 7 tons of Outer Spacers with a street value of six pounds and fifty pence destined for Columbia. Rab did six years in Folsom prison where he shared a cell with Johnny Cash and found God.
Posted by jehovah crincklesack
Sunday 25th of March 2012 22:43:19
Robert is barred from every TV studio in Britian for once stalking Mollie Sugden.b
Posted by Eddie stobard
Saturday 24th of March 2012 17:14:27
Kind hearted rab once sold his mums ironing board and sent the money to the East Glamorgan hospital sick children's unit.
Posted by randy Oppenheimer
Friday 23rd of March 2012 19:05:10
Terrific player despite having one leg eighteen inches shorter than the other,and one sideburn two inches shorter than the other.Represented Scotland at the world sheep shearing finals in Uganda in 87 .
Posted by nobby plywood
Friday 23rd of March 2012 17:10:36
Bob is tipped to play the lead role in The Eddie Stobard musical.
Posted by 1940s Wee Man
Saturday 18th of February 2012 18:18:49
I'm sorry Mrs Thomson but him and that big Jim Wyllie started it !!!
Posted by Mrs Thomson..roberts mother
Saturday 18th of February 2012 16:49:22
Some of the stuff wrote on this about robert are causing a lot of hurt and anguish within the family...please stop this or im phoning the police
Posted by 1930s Tin Man
Saturday 18th of February 2012 13:11:09
Robert was once admitted to the Victoria Infirmary in June 1989 suffering from 3rd degree Side burns !!!!!!!
Posted by alf tetley
Saturday 18th of February 2012 01:09:38
Robert was brought up as Nobby Arkwhistle in East Glamorgan.He left school in 1978 with no qualifications .He immediately started work in the local Greggs,where he invented the unsuccessful ferret steak bake.
Posted by 1920s Chartered Accountant
Thursday 16th of February 2012 22:36:43
Robert is the only man known to have had sideburns made entirely from dubbin !!!!!!!!!
Posted by nobby atkins
Thursday 02nd of February 2012 22:17:30
Once forgot his shinguards and had to play the ninety minutes with two twix,s down his socks.They had melted at full time.Except for the biscuit bit.
Posted by burt twix
Friday 27th of January 2012 10:47:45
Bob is barred from every Morrisons in Scotland after being caught stealing a bumper box of midnight black hair dye.
Posted by Walter wall carpets
Friday 27th of January 2012 03:12:26
Once played a guy falling down a mineshaft in crossroads
Posted by Ben cartwright
Friday 27th of January 2012 03:06:29
Had to throw rab out of a party at my house for re.peatedly trying to play bohemian rhapsody on the tambourine .He was very drunk.
Posted by the wiggler
Friday 27th of January 2012 02:53:26
Once played a dead Mexican in The High Chapperal
Posted by Tinsel Town
Saturday 07th of January 2012 21:32:36
There I was standing at a bus stop about 1996 when I get a tap on the shoulder,I look round to see a young cheeky chap holding a guitar." Can I sing a song for you he says" .No problem young man I say, what is your name . Robert Thomson he replies,but you can call me The Dogs Bollocks, Ok T D B i said on you go ........ For the next 35 minutes The Dogs Bollocks proceeded to sing the first line of a song he had almost written,he couldn't remember the words after the opening line of "He's a 1920s bin man""..........He sang this until my ears were bleeding.........I eventually had no option but to throw myself under the approaching 46 bus.I sustained two broken ears and a phobia of bin men ........particularly the 1920s variety. ......But years later I have gotten over it ,except for the twitch. ....Roberts a top bloke and as fast as a greyhound after a vindaloo !!!!!!!!!!
Posted by anonymous
Wednesday 04th of January 2012 06:54:05
the anvil strikes again big bobby t the frenhill lue nose
Posted by joseph rathalbacon
Saturday 24th of December 2011 10:43:02
currently in training for the old crocks game,,,2012
Posted by BD
Sunday 13th of November 2011 01:03:03
Rab is the best saxophone player I've ever heard ----- A quote from James W in Who's Trumpet is it Anyway -- find it hard to disagree !!!
Posted by burt twix
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 20:24:25
Where did you find terr,s passport photo.
Posted by Cliff Richard
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 23:52:03
Roberto Thomson the fastest man never to control a ball. He was like a rottweiller with a bar of soap.One of the fittest guys i have ever known ( i mean that in a football way )Figo could never be questioned on his bottle -- but his dress sense was another thing !!!!!
Posted by the wiggler
Thursday 20th of October 2011 21:31:05
Bob had to withdraw from the dalmarnock cup final squad due to a recurring irritable bowel syndrome injury.
Posted by vhari
Wednesday 19th of October 2011 18:46:11
ive known him 20 years and never seen him sober. here to the next 20 year good luck big man!!
Posted by Paul
Wednesday 19th of October 2011 12:22:18
I remember the Day we were knocked out the Scottish in a home draw by a lowly lesser club,I just happened to mention on the way back to the changing rooms the fact if Boab would have taken just Two of his Fifty Four chances then we would still be in the cup.Seconds later the wee man runs by me still with the strip on and refused to speak to anybody.I think that was back in the Days when the wee man had issues.
Posted by midgetmaister
Monday 17th of October 2011 20:32:43
He stayed with the times, leo sayer in the 70s n 80s, ben stiller in the 90s, and henry winkler to date(the fonz).
Posted by midgetmaister
Monday 17th of October 2011 19:43:17
Great guy, i only married his sister to be close to him. Wee bit confused at times tho.
Posted by Benzo
Sunday 16th of October 2011 16:37:43
Rab was a great player but could have reached the very top if he would only take that daft wig off
Posted by wylie
Friday 14th of October 2011 21:27:21
Everyone has their own favourite rab Thomson story. I,ve forgotten mine
Posted by wylie
Friday 14th of October 2011 21:15:22
Rab was every centre halfs nightmare you could mark him out of the game for eightynine minutes,he would get one chance. And miss it.
Posted by wylie
Friday 14th of October 2011 21:04:00
Rab is now earning a lucrative living as a Leslie Crowther lookalike.
Posted by anonymous
Wednesday 12th of October 2011 17:24:38
Very good Ben Stiller lookalike, only funnier
Posted by Terr
Tuesday 11th of October 2011 22:42:13
Great to see Rab on the list. He had great turn of pace down that right wing. On as a striker but I think he was a better full back, simply because I remember he blazed the ball over the bar from 4 yards with an empty goal in front of him. I also though I had a photo of Rab, but it turned out to be John Craven from newsround.......