Peter Dragoonis


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Silver haired midfield dynamo

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Posted by wee Ian
Monday 05th of December 2011 20:09:37
Taught him everything about football playing on a 45Degree slope in the Cowie on Calderwood road
Posted by mk
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 03:46:07
peters a lovely man,,hes got really nice manners,just thought id let everyone know that...its a shame about his wind problem......
Posted by Jordon(the model )
Friday 21st of October 2011 13:55:16
Defo one of ruggys grey- ist players , blonde bombshell !
Posted by willie wingnut
Thursday 20th of October 2011 18:42:22
pete was pretty sharp in and about the goalmouth,,,defences would say they could smell the danger////shame he retired early
Posted by vhari brown
Wednesday 19th of October 2011 18:48:38
never seen him play wasint born in 1930
Posted by mk
Wednesday 19th of October 2011 09:46:54
peter,, invented the afro combe
Posted by Tottie
Saturday 15th of October 2011 15:28:39
I would defo put pete mid - field (would scare all the birds away ) worzel gummidges love child ! Strong on the ball , and a lovely tackle !!!!!
Posted by manni kaltz
Saturday 15th of October 2011 10:32:02
midfield ,,,leader of men...also the nephew of vidal sassoon..well known glasgow clipper
Posted by Website Admin Team
Saturday 15th of October 2011 10:10:00
Can someone confirm please was Peter a goalkeeper of a midfield player? Thanks Site Admin Team
Posted by wylie
Friday 14th of October 2011 23:08:31
Had to chuck the game early due to chronic wind
Posted by wylie
Friday 14th of October 2011 22:03:37
Good on the ball ,excellent talker. Its a pity he now looks like Roy walker.