Danny Burke


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His friends say he was some player. Played in the great Avoca team who went unbeated at the Overtoun Park for years, and also played for Johnstone Burgh.

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Posted by Ebenezer
Friday 30th of March 2012 14:30:01
In 1966 Danny went to Cambuslang Rangers from Avoca. He had played just 4 games at Junior level when Celtic wanted to sign him on a provisional form. He was an outstanding player. Not sure why he never signed for Celtic – does anyone know ?
Posted by Frank
Saturday 01st of October 2011 08:04:07
Danny was a great player. He played for Avoca ( he played like the great Charlie Cooke of Chelsea). What a player. Probably the second best player to come from Rutherglen after Bobby Murdoch.
Posted by anonymous
Saturday 01st of October 2011 04:42:57
Danny won the Junior Cup playing for the 'Burgh and went on to play senior - East Fife I think.