Drew Reaburn


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Drew was One of the most skilful players to have graced the parks of Rutherglen and Fernhill,said by many to have been the Davie Cooper of the Burgh.

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Posted by anonymous
Monday 26th of December 2011 00:48:32
A poor mans Gary Wylie
Posted by alan wilson
Saturday 05th of November 2011 04:28:12
played with drew at shawfield boys club und 12s and 13s and he was a very good and exciting footballer pity he never made it as a pro
Posted by MK
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 21:40:56
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 21:34:40
played with drew @ fernhill villa,,and sweepers on a sunday..it was with sweepers..i recall a mad weekend,,played with the villa,,on the saturday,,and on the sunday we had a semi final against,,the halfway welfare,,on the saturday night,me n drew and a few of the guys had went to the Qball for a light refreshment,,of course 1 beer became 10...closing time came ,so we headed back to drews for a night cap..again 1 became 10....i ended up falling asleep on drews living room floor......as morning called...i was woken by drew slabbering ,,,come on kick offs in an hour..as i stirred...drew handed me a glass of orange ,,and said ,,get that down yer neck..as i had a sip,,i realised,,it was 3/4 vodka,,,,still remember his response to my horror of ..vodka @ 8.30am,,he said "thats yer breakfast",,,,,my refusal meant,double helpings for drew...about 1 hour later,,,the halfway welfare goalkeeper took a by kick..it floated to just before the halfway line,,seconds before it hit the ground,,drew volleyed it into the net,from about a mile out//then turned to me and said "THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YE DRINK THE VODKA" QUALITY...DREW FOR THE TEAM
Posted by wylie
Thursday 20th of October 2011 22:27:17
Terrific player .looked like a goth before they were invented
Posted by Dixie
Thursday 20th of October 2011 12:40:45
Raeburn what a player, for sheer natural ability Drew was second to none,think he played for Clydebank when he was young. Only problem he had was that he widdnae play if it was raining or if it was too cold - and I nearly forgot -he hated training !!!
Posted by anonymous
Thursday 20th of October 2011 07:10:38
Frightening to think the site has been going for nearly a Month and Drew hasn't been mentioned.Great watching him in the mid week games up at Fernhill destroying teams after he had been sitting in the Tower bar all Day,as skillful as they made them.