Derek 'Dex' Hendren


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Played for St Marks Boys Guild, Fernhill Villa and a host of junior teams. The main part of his career was spent trying to fit his 7ft long legs into a pair of shorts. The rest of his time, was spent as a body double in tv and film for Michael Barrymore and Nicolas Cage. A wonderfully taleneted player, he still is the only Fernhill boy to suffer from hypothermia during a game.

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Posted by the colvend keepy up champion 1975
Friday 16th of December 2011 10:43:05
the big man stayed next door 2 me for years...taught him all he knows,,hammered him many a time at keepy up...........cracking big player,,,,as i said before taught him well////////
Posted by wylie
Saturday 10th of December 2011 20:59:31
Dex made peter crouch look like jimmy krankie