Fred McNab


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Brick wall of a player built like the side of a house. Played for Gallowflat Sec and Fernhill Athletic.Don't mess with big Fred, some did and regreted it.

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Posted by stoned
Sunday 19th of February 2012 21:56:17
Who could forget big Freddy,come on wake up out there and get some votes rolling in.
Posted by GAB
Sunday 05th of February 2012 20:14:20
Big Fred deserves a vote for above impression alone
Posted by keith
Tuesday 31st of January 2012 21:24:29
Great player but suffered from the delusion he was Mick Jagger.
Posted by Al
Thursday 26th of January 2012 22:46:00
Would run through a brick wall: the opposition physio always had a busy day when Fred was on the park. Never felt he had a good game unless there was a blood stain on his jersey. As hard as Nemanja Vidic from Manchester United.
Posted by Jungle Jim
Sunday 08th of January 2012 22:08:53
Big powerful player, made the Incredible Hulk look like a nice guy. Had the pleasure of playing in both the above teams with the big man,definitely the kind of guy you would want on your side.J