Charlie Murphy


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Played with St Marks and Fernhill Athletic very talented midfield player

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Posted by John
Monday 17th of September 2012 15:21:41
Great all round player. Very talented.
Posted by pat king
Monday 17th of September 2012 08:45:20
played with charlie,at croftfoot ams best midfield player,all round,tackling ,passing good in the air ran the show,we picked up about 30 medals,we only beat 1game ,did u know charlie playedfor scotland ams think your voting was old pals act,
Posted by
Sunday 16th of September 2012 16:16:48
great player,all round,passing tackling ,midfield general
Posted by paul murphy
Sunday 16th of September 2012 16:00:03
great midfielder,heart of a lion.
Posted by billymcnulty
Sunday 16th of September 2012 15:52:06
non stop stamina,one of your fist holding,midfilders great intacklesand in air.
Posted by GAB
Monday 16th of January 2012 21:09:46
Another super guy to have played with non stop energy on and off the pitch still bump into him now and again great character