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Posted by JamieM
Friday 24th of February 2012 10:17:16
Great that you are in the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 teams Davie. I never did go for that 3-5-2 formation anyway and as previous you would be any all time team that I was picking.
Posted by GAB
Sunday 08th of January 2012 19:11:58
Davie was another of that great fernhill team i had the chance to play with one top goal scorer
Posted by honest Jamie
Tuesday 03rd of January 2012 01:08:43
Davie did brilliantly in making a professional career in the game and remains to this day a real and true friend. My belief is that he had ability and raw talent that went largely untapped in his professional career largely due to the Largs coaching philosophy (removing the natural ability of players - as we can all see this philosophy still exists to this day). Davie's game revolved about receiving the ball early down the channels and I didn't see much evidence of this within his professional career where he was largely involved in playing the game with his back to goal. I had the pleasure of playing with him at junior level where he proved to be more than a handful to the very best that the junior game had to offer. A true Ru'glen man that would certainly feature in any team that I was picking.
Posted by Spooner
Tuesday 13th of December 2011 21:32:20
The only player to have washed his football laces to avoid buying a new pair. But what a player. Should have been a star and house hold name. Better goalscorer than Andy Gray.
Posted by anonymous
Friday 09th of December 2011 16:04:52
Short arms long pockets but could finish
Posted by YFT
Sunday 13th of November 2011 01:46:28
Davie would be worth 2 Gingie bottles and a sherbet dabbity at least.
Posted by Scott
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 09:59:33
How much would he be worth in the transfer market today? Would he be the most expensive Ruglonian ? Would it be higher that the 9.5 million pounds paid by Moscow for McGeady or the 850, 000 paid by Barcelona for Archibald. If you were a manager making a bid, how much would you be prepared to pay for him ?
Posted by YFT
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 00:04:31
Davie Lloyd superb centre forward , terrible dancer, a 1980s legend who looke like a refugee from the 70s !!.Got his dress sense from Dan Cowan esquire !!!
Posted by Susy
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 19:23:19
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Posted by Bully Wee.
Sunday 16th of October 2011 19:01:24
Have a look at www.clyde-exiles.com. Nice wee mention about Lloydy.
Posted by Henry
Sunday 16th of October 2011 18:49:55
Quote from the Dave " I always wanted to play for Clyde " LLoyd: " Reputations do not win matches and trophies, only Goals can do that ".
Posted by Paul
Saturday 15th of October 2011 10:43:40
If only he could unlock his wallet as could a back Four,he would be bearable to go for a pint wi.
Posted by Admin team
Saturday 15th of October 2011 08:58:17
QUESTION: Can anyone advise please if he ever scored a hat trick during his professional career. If so, against which team ( s). Thanks for your help. Site Admin team
Posted by Maestro
Friday 07th of October 2011 22:08:05
Lloydie was top centre forward,played with Alloa, Raith Rovs,Stranraer,Clyde,Stirling Albion and had a season with Clydebank in the top division ,also played with Lesmahagow and Pollok juniors. He started with Fernhill Athletic on the red blaes parks in Fernhill as did the majority of the players nominated.
Posted by Dixie
Friday 07th of October 2011 19:15:52
Davie was the Mario Kempes of Fernhill,not for his goal scoring but for his long girlie hair !!! But a superb finisher in his day - just ask him.
Posted by anonymous
Friday 07th of October 2011 18:12:23
Im living in Sheffield for nearly last 20 yrs, although come home to Royal Burgh and see a few old faces. I enjoyed my football days from Fernhill Athletic till I finished with Stirling Albion. I had a great time and miss playing still. Good luck to whoever gets in team, im glad to have got the chance to play at Ibrox and Parkhead ETC.
Posted by anonymous
Saturday 01st of October 2011 20:13:02
Hell of a job trying to get him to the bar.
Posted by Danny
Friday 16th of September 2011 23:34:21
Dave was a natural goal scorer. I think he was one of the top goal scorers in Scotland when he played for Clydebank. He came from Fernhill. Last I heard he was manager of a non league team in England. Dave if you are out there tell us some stories.