James Murdoch


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Cardiff City

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Posted by anonymous
Monday 02nd of January 2012 22:12:50
Always had a fine head of hair
Posted by Stevie mckeown
Monday 02nd of January 2012 22:08:56
Stephen mckeown
Posted by gaffer
Friday 04th of November 2011 15:42:23
played for st. marks won several medals. played for glasgow r c who won national district trophy.top goalscorer. won scottish cup with holy cross high at junior level.plaed for drumchapel amat.gaffer
Posted by anonymous
Thursday 13th of October 2011 09:04:58
Posted by Brian
Friday 16th of September 2011 23:48:57
Big strong player. Went to Cardiff City as a teenager. Not sure what other teams he played for. Comes from the most famous football family from Rutherglen. His brothers were Bobby, Matt and Billy. I think he played in the epic Burgh Cup final in the early 1960s at Southcroft when the Killes beat St.Marks 4-2.