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Posted by crowsus
Wednesday 20th of June 2012 03:16:52
Aiden McGeady is a great player and was definitely born in Rutherglen (he had a personal website which he typed the bio on, and included this fact) but I believe this was due to the maternity hospital being there. He played with Busby Boys Club as a wee boy (as did I to an extent, all the other year groups apart from mine were very successful!) and went to St. Ninians High (Giffnock) so I think he is from the leafier part of the South Side rather than Ruggy. With no hard evidence to the contrary, I would have to argue that Aiden would not "think of himself as a real Ruglonian" as the home page says is a must, although But Gerry's account below may indicate that he did live there (but I doubt for the 10 years required - you can become a citizen of some countries in less time!) Maybe someone could contact him about this (I don't think the website is still on the go, the link I had doesn't go to his page any more).
Posted by admin
Tuesday 13th of March 2012 20:58:16
Some people have asked if Aiden McGeady came from Rutherglen. This has been checked with the Registrar of births at the Registrar office at the Town Hall on Rutherglen Main Street. They have confirmed that he was born in the Rutherglen Maternity Hospital on 04 April 1986.
Posted by Gerry
Friday 30th of September 2011 20:24:22
Aiden used to live in Berwick Drive. He was always playing football in the back garden. Not sure if he was born in Rutherglen Maternity. But what a wonderful footballer he turned out to be. He had the full reportoire of tricks that had defenders going in two directions at the same time. He was a crowd puller and people would pay good money to watch him play. As well as an uncanny sense of balance and quick feet, he has developed great fitness and running power. A very determined young man - he should be in the Rutherglen Greates team .
Posted by Big Neilly
Saturday 17th of September 2011 00:22:44
Can someone confirm if Aiden is a Ruglonian ? According to Google he was born in Glasgow, but according to some locals in Rutherglen he was born in the Rutherglen Maternity Hospital and lived in Kings Park Avenue. Aidan if you are reading this website can you confirm if you were born in Rutherglen ?