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Posted by Biffo
Saturday 28th of January 2012 09:35:08
Henry might not be the Greatest Goalkeeper from Rutherglen but he would be the Hardest. Goalkeepers in his day ( 1940's/ 1950's ) had to defend themselves from aggressive nutters - the laws of the game a that made it OK to maim a goalie. I think Henry might have been one of the first keepers to come out to catch the ball with a straight right leg aimed at the groin of the opposition. A Kung Fu self defence move. Still seeing him in Rutherglen. Looks great for his age as he powers walks along the Main Street.
Posted by Alfie
Sunday 16th of October 2011 17:12:27
No - Henry damaged his hamstring trying to do a Scorpion Kick like that Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita. Unfortunately for Henry it didna work.
Posted by Jim
Sunday 16th of October 2011 17:09:15
When he was in his 60's Henry played for the Vogue Bar over 50's team against the young guys. He pulled a hamstring with his first kick of the ball and had to be substituted. I think he was on the panel for a few weeks after that. I think that was the end of his career.
Posted by Jim
Sunday 16th of October 2011 17:06:42
If you are a goalkeeper it does not matter what you save the ball with. If you keep it out it is not a goal. Henry was a good shop stopper, could punch, had quick reactions, was not slow to moan at his defenders, and could boot the ball well up the park . Henry should be number 1 in Rutherglens Greatest ever team.
Posted by Saunders Fan
Saturday 08th of October 2011 00:21:42
Don't know how this happened but the photo is of Steven Saunders not Henry Carr
Posted by Jimmy
Sunday 02nd of October 2011 10:00:53
Was it Henry who once said " the older I get, the better Goalie I used to be ". ?
Posted by anonymous
Saturday 01st of October 2011 04:49:53
One of the best goalies I've ever played against! And the only one I ever scored four against, in a gang 'half-crown' Sunday game down near Farme Cross. But what a nice guy!!!
Posted by Jackie
Monday 26th of September 2011 10:28:57
You had to be tough when Henry was playing in the Juniors. Supporters on the terracing would think nothing of chucking stones or a hard boiled egg at the goalie. Or even worse challenge the players to a fight.
Posted by Harry
Saturday 17th of September 2011 00:29:20
Henry was a good goalkeeper. Played with Strathclyde Juniors. He was fearless. This was an era when goalies had to be tough and take the knocks every game. Henry ( sometimes known as Harry to his friends) was a hardy character and would not be slow at moaning at his defenders if they did not protect him.