Ian McGuigan


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Posted by anonymous
Monday 26th of March 2012 13:25:41
In April 1967 Ian was selected to play for the Glasgow schools against Paisley. ( in the Wilson Cup – I think ). In the 1950’s his big brother, Joe, had also played in this tournament. He played for St.Columbkilles along with Bobby Murdoch.
Posted by GAB
Wednesday 28th of December 2011 20:29:40
Also played against Ian at school levels and also enjoyed a spell when he played with us at Cathkin United another terrific player can even remember him playing in goals for St Andrews in the sunday league
Posted by anonymous
Thursday 10th of November 2011 22:41:47
last i heard ian had joined the police many years ago
Posted by Dixie
Thursday 27th of October 2011 17:09:14
Remember watching him play with St Marks he was a superb player.
Posted by George Burgh
Thursday 29th of September 2011 20:42:14
I played against Ian at School level he was head and shoulders above us all in skill whichmade him very hard to kick but some still tried. I can confirm he played for St Marks against the Burgh in the 67 cup final as I played against him. we also clashed in the Mcaferty shield final the same year
Posted by Frank fae Spittal
Friday 16th of September 2011 22:59:45
Big Ian was a magician with the ball at his feet. Old fashioned type of Scottish player taht people liked to watch. I think he was the star of the epic 1967 Burgh Cup final when St.Marks beat the Burgh school. Can anyone conform that ? Gifted footballer. I wonder what the big man is doing today. Should have been a star.