Tommy Bennett


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Very good player. Made the game look easy. Had a real determination to win.

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Posted by Moby Dick
Wednesday 04th of April 2012 18:52:39
Sorry flipper but St Marks were not the first primary team to win the McCafferty Shield in 1966.It was in fact Cathkin Primary the previous year when the tournament was introduced.It was played as a league system so had no final. Check out the photo gallery where it shows the table from that year and the result that clinced it.Also the photo from the Reformer is dated May 21st 1965 and states Cathkin as the first holders.I played against Tommy in the 1965 Burgh Cup final which Cathkin won 3-0 he was a brilliant wee player even back then.
Posted by Flipper
Friday 30th of March 2012 14:37:16
In 1966 St.Marks were the first primary team to win the McCafferty Shield whne they beat Bankhead 4-2. Tommy Bennett was the two goal hero with Tommy McGuire and Paul McDermott also scoring. The team was Meikle, McKeown, Doyle, Harvey, McGrath, McNab, McGuire, McGUIGAN, Pacittie, McDermott and Bennett. The Bankhead team was Sinclair, Liddell, McLintock, Speirs, Cockburn, Forsyth, Collins, Allison, Brown, Woodburn and Aitken. – It was a classic game.
Posted by rt
Wednesday 21st of March 2012 10:57:14
yes it is
Posted by Schemie
Wednesday 14th of March 2012 20:20:40
When the Glens won the Scottish Junior Cup in 1919, they had a player named Tom Bennett. Surely it is not the same guy ?
Posted by Dixie
Thursday 01st of March 2012 17:39:22
Tam Bennett one of the greatest dribblers of all time ..........Still see him dribbling around 7 30pm in The Vogue every Saturday".......... Quality player,quality guy !!
Posted by anonymous
Monday 30th of January 2012 23:55:44
Posted by The Paper Man
Tuesday 24th of January 2012 21:55:36
Tam is the only guy I know that could have played wearing his platform shoes in the 1970's and would still have been the best player on the park.
Posted by GAB
Wednesday 18th of January 2012 22:55:11
One hell of a player
Posted by honest Jamie
Saturday 14th of January 2012 01:28:18
With reference to Richard's post - Not only did Tam play longer than Stanley Mathews - I think he also played with him! Tell you what though, if we were voting for the best ever footballer at schoolboy level it would be a straight contest between Harvey, Bennett and McKeown.
Posted by Sis
Wednesday 04th of January 2012 12:04:25
GREAT player played in Canada for an Italian Team but I bet he wishes he stayed at Celtic Boys Club back in the day!!!! Xxxxxxxxx
Posted by 007
Thursday 22nd of December 2011 21:28:03
Tam would go on a mazy dribble and ghost past defenders, but his shooting ability could have been better. Reminded me of Paul McStay.
Posted by Tich
Thursday 15th of December 2011 00:18:53
Played with and against Tam great player wonderful talent a joy to watch!!
Posted by YFT
Sunday 13th of November 2011 01:49:29
Tam B qualittttttttttttyyyyyy nuff said ??
Posted by Terr
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 23:51:18
There are plenty of modern day players that should look at Tam's attitude to the game. I have also had both privileges of playing in the same team & being a captain during his management, both were a pleasure. Ru'glen legend.
Posted by mk
Saturday 22nd of October 2011 21:37:22
alan wilson for the team...just for being honest enough .2 admit ..paul harveys his cousin
Posted by alan wilson
Wednesday 19th of October 2011 12:02:25
used to go to games to watch my cousin paul harvey playing who was a good striker in his day and later a centre half but i would come away gobsmacked watching the talents of tam bennet a true taner baw player both feet striking the ball way deadly accuracy all i can say about tam is pure f@£$in class what a player
Posted by sub
Monday 17th of October 2011 19:56:11
More than just a footballer, starred on the big screen, and to this day kids flock from all over to see him at disney. Have u ever seen an elephant fly.
Posted by Paul
Saturday 15th of October 2011 11:29:24
Am lucky enough to have watched him as a youngster with the Glens then play in the same side as him at Dalmarnock,after that I played under him in his first managerial post and to date his last,and enjoyed every minute of it.A truly great man and friend.
Posted by Charlie
Wednesday 12th of October 2011 18:44:49
Has anybody got a photo of Tam in action that can be uploaded onto the site? Maybe one of him playing for the Glens in the old black and white jerseys and dubbin on the boots and white laces.
Posted by Wee Burnie
Tuesday 11th of October 2011 19:13:33
Right good player. Also good engine going forward. I think Tam came from Fernhill and probably played football under the street lights and had to chase the ball down those big hills. He was also a good clean striker of a ball: could ping it well with either peg.
Posted by George
Monday 10th of October 2011 12:45:07
Tam was a bit like that French winger David Ginola: they both used Grecian 2000 to great effect.
Posted by lloydy
Sunday 09th of October 2011 01:18:33
Tam B. A legend. A good player and a great dancer.
Posted by Paul
Saturday 08th of October 2011 15:42:08
I agree Tam was a right good player. Twinkle toes with the ball at his feet. Could beat a man without moving. Not sure if it a local myth but I heard that Aiden McGeady used to watch old video tapes ( VHS and BETA) of Tam on how to dribble.
Posted by Dixie
Friday 07th of October 2011 19:21:28
Sorry Tam forgot to post my name on last link
Posted by anonymous
Friday 07th of October 2011 19:19:39
Tam was my favourite veteran of all time - he could dribble for Scotland great talent used to love watching the Glens when i was a boy and he was coming to the end of his Junior days - great memories.
Posted by Barrie
Saturday 01st of October 2011 23:16:06
A joy to play in the same team as Tam . However it was at the end of a very long career for him . Always willing to take the ball to feet . Learned a lot from Tam . Wished I had seen him play in his prime
Posted by Harry
Sunday 25th of September 2011 21:23:08
The question is not Who is the Greatest Player from Rutherglen, but who is the best player from the Bennett house - was it Tam or was it his brother John ? Answers on a post card please.
Posted by Richard
Saturday 17th of September 2011 00:39:50
Tam was a good player. Played with lots of local team and well known in the local community. His enthusiasm rubbed off on other players. Not sure but I think Tam played longer that Stanley Matthews.