Jimmy McMenemy


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Posted by David Potter
Monday 24th of October 2011 23:32:49
Jimmy McMenemy was as great a Celt as any, having played for the club for almost 20 years through their great years. Well did he deserve the nickname Napoleon, for his tricky dribbling, his visonary passing and his total ability to "take a grip of a game" and control it. When you consider the forward line Bennett, McMenemy, Quinn, Somers and Hamilton and that McMenemy was the brains of it all, little wonder that they won six League titles in a row from 1905 until 1910, and then another four in a row from 1914 to 1917, and then another in 1919. Some player was Jimmy Napoleon McMenemy!
Posted by Tony
Monday 26th of September 2011 16:08:31
Is the Glens golaie in the post below who played in the first Scottish Junior Cup victory the same guy who played for Celtic and Rangers ? Goalkeeper Thomas Sinclair was loaned to Celtic by Rangers after Celtic’s first choice stopper Davie Adams cut his hand on a nail just two days before the start of 1906-07 season . Sinclair was the Gers' reserve keeper and would play for Celtic until Adams was fit to resume duties between the sticks. He would play a total of six league matches and did not concede a single goal. He eventually returned to Ibrox .He would soon join Newcastle United in Mar 1907 and also went on to play for Dunfermline and Kilmarnock.
Posted by Ruggy
Monday 26th of September 2011 10:11:00
Jimmy played in the great Glen team. In 1901/02 the Glens won the Scottish Junior Cup, They beat Maryhill 1-0 at Meadowside. Jimmy McMenemy scored the goal.
Posted by Ruggy
Monday 26th of September 2011 10:07:22
Jimmy played in the great Glen team. Glens' big moment did not arrive until season 1901/02 when they won the Scottish Junior Cup, the Glasgow League Championship, and the Glasgow Exhibition Championship. The team that proudly took the "Scottish" to Ru'glen for the first time by beating Maryhill 1-0 at Meadowside was about the greatest ever, namely - Tom Sinclair, John Kinnon, McLean, Brannan, Russell, Williamson, Leitch, McMenemy, Bennett, Underwood and McEwen. Almost every man in their team went on to stardom in senior football. Jimmy McMenemy who scored the goal against Maryhill and Alex Bennett joined Celtic, with Bennett later moving on to Rangers ! Sinclair found his way to Rangers, then Newcastle United before coming back to Rangers
Posted by arthur
Tuesday 20th of September 2011 21:08:35
Jimmy played in the great Celtic team that won 6 league championships in a row 1903 - 1910. He played over 500 games for Celtic. He was also the trainer under Willie Maley. I understand that his family lived in King Street in Rutherglen. Can anyone confirm please.