George Barrie


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Burgh school, Gallowflat, First captain of Clyde Boys Club, Strathclyde District of the Boys Brigade, Royal navy youth team. George always in the epic Burgh final of 1967.

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Posted by Kathleen M
Thursday 29th of September 2011 22:43:43
Feel obliged to vote for George as he is my much younger (as he will tell you) brother. Did not see him play as I was busy watching Bobby.
Posted by George Burgh
Thursday 29th of September 2011 21:19:19
as i read through these names it makes me wonder where are they and what happened to their football skills, so i will start with me, Joined the Navy from School played at Navy and United service levels until a knee injury finished my playing days, Moved to Middlesbrough in the 70s and am now working in the oil industry in Brazil and my home is in Thailand. An honour to be listed with these Ruglonians and some great memories