Sammy Lamont


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Lived down Toryglen Rd. Great left foot. Could run all day and just loved playing football.

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Posted by Village Idiot
Saturday 10th of December 2011 20:21:11
Rutherglens Jim Baxter. Whit a player and whit an attitude.
Posted by anonymous
Monday 24th of October 2011 22:24:12
sammy lamont lived across the road from one of rutherglens greatest player stevie archibald played for the kills,cederwood cosmos, rutherglen amat,glasgow perthshire, eastfield united,position anywhere but in goals currently coaching celtic boys club
Posted by anonymous
Friday 07th of October 2011 17:29:59
Sammy Lamont was brilliant : hard as nails and could jump for a header like Eric Black and Henrik. One of the best from Ruglen.